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Our story

Qokoon’s founder, Alfonso, was a very (very!) bad student in his early teens, until he realised that learning was not so much about memorising, but understanding. Suddenly, it all made sense. After a career in financial analysis and financial management, he identified a very dangerous problem affecting almost all the companies and executives he had known.


Most CEOs and entrepreneurs (and even some CFOs and Finance Directors), lack a proper understanding of what their financials are telling them (yes, they do speak!). This prevents them from taking well-informed decisions for the benefit of their companies. It is also a recipe for disaster.


He noticed that many entrepreneurs and top executives felt lost when it came to finance. This left them defensive and caused anxiety, stress and many sleepless nights. The basic problem is that companies don’t conduct proper financial analysis. Many times because they lack resources but very often because they just don’t know how to do it.


And here comes the controversial (but true) part: most accountants are not finance directors and have not been trained in financial analysis, which is the real problem.


With an extensive career in financial planning and analysis (FP&A), and admiration for entrepreneurs, Alfonso set out to help them solve this problem. What better way than becoming an entrepreneur himself and building a company dedicated to protecting businesses and helping them grow in a healthy way?


And so Qokoon was born.

Our mission

Qokoon is on a mission to protect businesses by helping them understand their finances and make the best use of their financial data.

Our values

We believe in keeping things simple and being creative. We champion our customers. We work to transfer knowledge. And we strive to innovate. Your success is our success.

Our team

We’re a small but mighty team with over 20 years of experience in financial services. We’ve come together to give every business access to clear, efficient and actionable insights on financial data.

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