The easiest way to analyse and report financial data

AI-powered financial analysis and reporting software designed to help you make better decisions to grow your profits and protect your company

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Qokoon integrates seamlessly with the tools and apps you’re already using, so you can focus on growing your business and protecting what matters most.


Main Features

Understand your financial data like never before with powerful tools that give you a clear understanding of your business performance

Key Insights

Key Insights

A simple summary of how your business is performing with key insights about your profitability and cash generation - and recommendations for potential cost savings.

Key Insights


Identify patterns to improve business performance by using a supercharged breakdown of your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement.

Key Insights


Prepare your monthly and year to date financial report in seconds. Communicate your business performance seamlessly to whoever needs to know (your boss, your bank, your investors, or your clients).

Key Insights


Qokoon uses powerful AI to discover developing trends, bookkeeping errors and fraudulent activity with simple and easy to understand anomaly explanations at the click of a button.

Key Insights


Visualize your accounts in table format and compare any two periods you choose. See instantly the main reasons explaining the increase or decrease in your profits, your cash and other important business parameters.

Automated Reports & Cost Saving Alerts

Qokoon generates simple reports that everyone can understand, giving you the confidence and clarity to make the right decisions for your business.

Have confidence in your financial data. Fewer errors means you can sleep at night.

Digital Collaboration for your Finances

Explain business performance to anyone, instantly, with the peace of mind that your data is correct, secure, and in the right place at the right time.

Whether you’re reporting to investors or clients, or updating your management team, you’ll always be prepared with Qokoon .

Complex Analysis made Easy

Streamline manual data, reduce errors, and drill down, so you can make smarter business decisions in a fraction of the time.


Get time back, so you can focus more on the work that matters and less on double-checking. That’s time better spent on things that really add value to your company or your clients.

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How do I get started with Qokoon?

It's easy! Sign up for your free trial on the website and connect your existing accounting software, all within a few clicks. If we don't support your accounting system, you can upload your financials using our Excel template.

All Qokoon features FREE for startups and VCs affected by the SVB collapse

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  • Key Insights
  • Anomalies
  • P&L, BS and CF analysis
  • Profit Centre
  • Enhanced Reports (Financial, Bank and Custom)
  • KPIs
  • Financials

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