Streamlining every step of the SME lending process

Our financial analysis software speeds up every stage of the SME lending and monitoring process. It even allows banks and lenders to provide value added services:

✓ Loan application
✓ Lending decisions
✓ Portfolio monitoring
✓ Portfolio advisory services
✓ Improving SME financial management


Qokoon helps streamline the SME lending process

Qokoon is committed to revolutionizing the way banks and lenders streamline and automate the lending process, reducing friction and inefficiencies with automated financial analysis and reporting.

We help banks and lenders with analysing and deciding, monitoring and allowing them to create the opportunity for value added services to their SME clients.

✓ No data entry
✓ Instant and automated analysis
✓ Instant approvals
✓ Easier to conclude

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An AI platform that automates financial analysis and reporting

Our experienced team have built powerful AI algorithms that thoroughly analyse financials, detect anomalies, explain key insights in writing and give you the flexibility to prepare and tailor your reports.

Qokoon's powerful software is presented through an easy to use, dynamic and intelligent dashboard that allows users to visualize financial performance and insights and speed up the way they prepare, share and present internal reports. Banks and lenders can focus on value-added tasks and minimize the time they spend number crunching and preparing internal presentations and reports.

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Your AI Financial Analyst

By automating financial analysis and reporting, Qokoon empowers banks and lenders to quickly understand financial performance, produce faster internal approval reports and provide portfolio monitoring in a more dynamic and collaborative way.

Qokoon adds value by streamlining and saving time in the analysis and reporting of complex, difficult-to-interpret financial information so banks and lenders can make even better business and lending decisions and help SMEs grow.

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KPIs, Ratios & Trends

Data visualisations that help you bring your insights to life. Visualise and monitor KPIs, ratios and their development



Analyse P&L, BS and CF. Drill down from big picture to detail. Understand month, quarter, year to date and last-twelve- months performance



Discover anomalies in P&L, BS and CF. Qokoon has detected fraudulent activity and developing trends


Cost heatmap and cost alerts

Visualise how different costs categories are affecting profitability. Identify deteriorating performance early and take prompt action to your benefit


Visualise past and future

Visualise historic performance and projected financials. Gain a faster understanding about the past and form a better view about the future


Instant Reports

Share and explain your analysis and conclusions on-site or remotely with our interactive dashboards and instant PDF reports including automated written commentary

Get started with Qokoon

The easiest way to sign in to Qokoon is by logging in with your Xero or QuickBooks account.