Financial insights and reports in less than 2 minutes

Qokoon automatically converts your financial data into actionable insights and reporting templates. Cut financial analysis and reporting time in half.

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Works with

Qokoon integrates seamlessly with the tools and apps you’re already using, so you can focus on growing your business and protecting what matters most.

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Dig deep into your numbers and protect your business, no finance degree required

Enterprise-level financial analysis for everyone

Qokoon helps you make the best decisions for your business by identifying opportunities, tracking performance and monitoring trends. Plug in your accounting systems to start viewing AI-powered analytics and dashboards

Simple reporting that tells you A LOT

Qokoon generates simple reports that everyone can understand, giving you the confidence and clarity to make the right decisions for your business; right now... not weeks from now. Explain your businesses performance to anyone, instantly.

Power business decisions with knowledge

Qokoon makes it easy for you to start understanding your financial data. In just 2 minutes, get an overview of how your business is performing and how you can improve it. Maximise profits and business resilience by leveraging data to understand what’s really driving your business.

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The most simple, yet effective way to manage your business finances

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Upload your data automatically

Integrate your existing accounting systems with Qokoon

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Get tailored insights instantly

Understand every single aspect of your business

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Generate impactful reports in seconds

Communicate your business performance to anyone and get what you want (loans, investment, partnerships…)


The most simple, yet effective way to manage your business finances

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"It’s amazing how fast you’re able to do the report. Qokoon saves me hours each month."

Jack, Finance Director

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