The easiest way to analyse and report financial data

Achieve your business goals and get what you want with simple to understand financial analysis and reporting

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Beyond the dashboard

Understand your financials like never before with powerful tools that give you a clear understanding of your business performance

Do more, with less

You can’t afford not to know what your numbers say. Make sense of all your numbers: financial statements, income and cashflow, and operating performance with Qokoon.

From data to decision

Make sense of your financial data and realise the true potential of your business. Leverage the power of Qokoon to make the right decisions for your business; right now...not weeks from now.

Win back your time

Reduce the time spent on analysis and reporting with Qokoon by eliminating repetitive and manual data tasks. That’s time better spent on things that really add value to your company or your clients.

For Business Owners

Numbers can be scary. But Qokoon makes complex financial analysis easy.

Understand and turn numbers into profits with Qokoon’s easy-to-use financial analysis and reporting software. Whether you’re reporting to investors or updating your management team, you’ll always be prepared with Qokoon.

For Accountants, Part-Time FDs and Advisors

Win your clients over with sophisticated financial analysis and easy to understand financial reports.

Save hours of repetitive work and increase the number of clients by reducing your admin. We enable accountants and financial advisors to leverage the power of AI and deliver tailored, insightful and impactful financial reports to every single client in seconds.


The most simple, yet effective way to manage your business finances

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"I hate having to waste 45 minutes to get the answer when a summary should give it to me in 5 minutes. Qokoon has saved me so much time!"

Darrell, Accountant

The only financial data tool you’ll ever need

Automate your financial analysis with Qokoon.
The simplest way to prepare your monthly financial reports.