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Eliminate the stress of finance. Understand your financial data and make the best decisions for your business

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Beyond the dashboard

Understand your financials like never before with powerful tools that give you a clear understanding of your business performance

Key Insights

A simple summary of how your business is performing with key insights about your profitability and cash generation - and recommendations for potential cost savings.


Identify patterns to improve business performance by using a supercharged breakdown of your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement.


Prepare your monthly and year to date financial report in seconds. Communicate your business performance seamlessly to whoever needs to know (your boss, your bank, your investors, or your clients).


Qokoon uses powerful AI to discover developing trends, bookkeeping errors and fraudulent activity with simple and easy to understand anomaly explanations at the click of a button.


Visualize your accounts in table format and compare any two periods you choose. See instantly the main reasons explaining the increase or decrease in your profits, your cash and other important business parameters.

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Out with the old...

Sick of not knowing how your financial data relates to your business?
  • Time-consuming with manual data input, often taking businesses up to three weeks to prepare
  • Costly, with an average monthly cost of over £1,500 spent by businesses
  • Lack of insights, no interpretation or analysis

...and in with the new

Go beyond the dashboard with streamlined and automated business insights
  • Seamless integrations with the tools you already use
  • AI technology which immediately analyses your business performance with data visuals
  • Simple and easy to understand data visuals and jargon-free commentary and recommendations

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"I hate having to waste 45 minutes to get the answer when a summary should give it to me in 5 minutes. Qokoon has saved me so much time!"

Darrell, Accountant

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Automate your financial analysis with Qokoon.
The simplest way to prepare your monthly financial reports.