Qokoon is an intelligent software that automates financial analysis and reporting

For VC and PE investors, SME lenders, CFOs and auditors
Financial Due Diligence
Credit Analysis
Banks and SME Lenders
Portfolio Monitoring
VC, PE, Banks, SME Lenders
FP&A and Auditing
CFOs, FDs, Auditors

Provide more value with less effort
  • Instant integration with accounting software, ERP or Excel
  • Understand and communicate financials faster and better (P&L, BS, CF)
  • Take faster and better investing, lending and financial management decisions
  • Monitor your portfolio companies or subsidiaries with digital and standardized reports
  • Improve and streamline financial management and auditing 

Qokoon addresses the full company financing and financial management cycle

Qokoon will not replace you
but another finance professional using Qokoon will

Solutions for Your Industry

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VC & PE Investing

  • Financial due diligence for investment decisions
  • Portfolio monitoring and value creation
  • Standardized digital reporting from portfolio companies

SME Lending

  • Credit analysis for lending decisions
  • Portfolio monitoring and risk management
  • Standardized, digital reporting from borrowing companies


  • Raise equity or debt with our analysis and reports  
  • Understand your performance faster and better
  • Improve profitability, liquidity and resilience

Auditing & Forensic

  • Instantly analyse all chart of accounts items
  • Detect anomalies in P&L, BS and CF
  • •Reduce number-crunching hours and get faster, better conclusions

Our features

What you get with Qokoon

  • Instant financial analysis and reports (P&L, BS, CF, trends)
  • Analysis and visualisation of historic and projected financials
  • Anomaly detection for P&L, BS and CF (Errors? Fraud?)
  • Sentence generation explaining performance and suggesting improvement actions
  • Cost alerts and cost management
  • Portfolio dashboard and portfolio management. Visualise best/worst performers. Get standardized and digitalized reporting from your portfolio companies or subsidiaries


Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
“I have struggled to get this quality of information even after hours of frustration with the accounts team.

When I was reading this report I started noting down questions and by the end of it I didn't have any. It was almost like it was reading my mind!”
HealthTech Company
Finance Manager
“Qokoon AI is the real deal. It's a game-changer for finance leaders, providing a quick and accurate solution to financial reporting challenges.

With this genius software, you can get a fully analysed report of your numbers in seconds. Yes, seconds!”
Aviation Company

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We have created Qokoon so you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours in frustration, number-crunching and fighting with “specialised” softwares. Free your time to focus on creating real value.

Alfonso Fernandez Stuyck
Founder and CEO

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