Qokoon will not steal your clients
but another lender using Qokoon will

Qokoon for Banks and Lenders

Qokoon gives banks and lenders an edge by automating key tasks of their lending and portfolio monitoring processes.

Why Qokoon?

Successful lending and portfolio monitoring is dependent on through financial analysis

  • Benefit from faster and better understanding, insights and decisions
  • Faster and digitised lending approvals (see below)
  • Visualise and monitor all of your borrowing clients with our portfolio dashboard (best vs worst performers)
  • Get standardised (same format) monthly finance reports from borrowing companies
  • Help your clients grow with advisory services
  • Get your corporate clients to use Qokoon to improve their financial management and financial performance so you can reduce your risk


Streamline The SME Lending and Monitoring Processes with our Powerful Features

Loan Pre-Approval

Instant calculation of maximum debt capacity and related KPIs

Written explanation of maximum debt capacity and debt related statistics

Instant preparation of a comprehensive finance report, including written commentary to be digitally shared with the bank for final approval 

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Portfolio Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor and visualise your portfolio companies based on different criteria

Instantly identify best and worst performers. Take proactive action to avoid losses

Assess the overall performance of your portfolio and understand the reasons of your overall performance

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Sentence Generation

Sentences explaining not only what has happened but also WHY it has happened

Dynamic sentences that change according to the chosen date and item analysed 

Gain instant insights about P&L, BS and CF and be told what to analyse. Drill down, discover and act quickly upon your findings

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Instantly understand the health and strength of a company 

Visualise the evolution of KPIs, ratios and covenants. It is trends that matters

Interactive KPI charts allow you to choose what trends to chart, e.g. month-on-month sales growth, quarter-on-quarter sales growth, etc 

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Instantly detect several types of anomalies in your P&L, BS and CF

Get a list of anomalies ranked by materiality and impact 

Be alerted of unusual movements in the company accounts or unusual balances (errors, fraud?)

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Cost Heatmap

See all cost categories plotted on a chart based on how much they are affecting profit margins

Change the period of analysis, e.g. month, quarter, year-to-date, last-twelve-months

Use the cost heatmap to detect which costs are escalating. This section quantifies how much each cost is affecting EBITDA margin 

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Instant Reports

Generate instant on-screen and PDF reports for lending approval and monitoring of a company

Report P&L, BS and CF, including explanatory written commentary and charts

Use our pre-designed reports or design your own reports by dragging and dropping charts and tables. Include your own commentary 

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